Quality Engineer

The Project Quality Engineer is the Quality focal point to the Project Leadership Team (PLT) and provides assurance that Quality risks are effectively managed through quality planning, assurance, control, and continuous improvement.  This position requires collaborative relationships both internally and externally, rooted in the principle of partnership and simplification with our Contractors/Suppliers, towards the desired outcome of delivering safe, reliable, and competitive Deepwater projects.  The position will also define and develop an integrated Quality Management program to help achieve No Defects on projects and align with the requirements from perspectives of both industry and Company standards.


  • Demonstrate a commitment to HSSE (Health Safety Security and Environment).
  • Ensure that contractors/suppliers/inspectors also demonstrate appropriate HSSE behaviors.
  • Embrace and embed the Projects and Engineering Identity and CT2025 aspirations.
  • Drive innovation and new ways of working to achieve CT2025 with a relentless focus on outcomes.
  • Implementation of risk-based Project Quality Management Plan.
  • Utilize Quality Discipline Delivery Plan and PMF to identify quality deliverables applicable to each ORS phase.
  • Implement Quality plans, processes, and assurance activities for project execution.
  • Provide input on Quality requirements in contracts and tendering process, including assessment and evaluation of Contractors/Suppliers.
  • Prepare Contractors/Supplier Qualification and evaluation criteria to assess capabilities during Invitation to Tender (ITT) phase and review Contractors/Suppliers deliverables against requirements.
  • Implementation of audit and review programs, including audit execution and monitoring close-out of audit findings.
  • Implement requirements management program and audits for compliance.
  • Audit contractor’s quality management system, processes, and procedures for effectiveness.
  • Assist Project in implementing DCAF and PCAP in compliance with PMF requirements; interface with project team, TAs, and document control, as well as monitor KPI (% complete), and implement best practices at the Portfolio level.
  • Coordinate inspection services for third party verification, results, and reporting.
  • Provide input into Contractor’s equipment criticality levels, identify intervention points, contribute to inspection and test plan per portfolio level and project’s contract/PO requirements.
  • Implement improvements to Quality Control of key contractors.
  • Participate in Quality incident and failure investigations (Root Cause Analysis/causal learning).
  • Utilize internal database for capturing and management of NCRs (Non-Conformance Reports), observations, and inspection reports
  • Prepare quality alerts and disseminate to the Quality networks and project communities.
  • Facilitate Lessons Learned implementation and capture sessions with project teams and share with the wider community.
  • Manage interfaces and issues among stakeholders.


  • Fabrication assurance – verification of processes, understanding of manufacturing / fabrication risks, types of inspection activities/level and criticality, types of NDE, preservation, cleanliness, and tightness methods.
  • Qualifications and Competency – addressing certification and competency requirements of third-party inspector candidates, Contractors/Suppliers key personnel, and ensuring certifications are up to date.
  • Auditing and Assessments – internal and external compliance to project and regulatory requirements, policies, procedures, organization, safety, and review systems for effectiveness.
  • Resource Planning – identifying responsibilities and resource needs.
  • Methods of analysis – compiling relevant project data to provide clear and concise status of project performance, identifying new risks and learnings; analyze and identify trends for company and industry; develop and implement mitigations.
  • Effectively communicate with multiple Project and Portfolio stakeholders including Project Managers, Quality Leads and Quality Engineers, C&P (Contracting & Procurement), Package Leads/Contract Holders, Project Engineers, Inspection Coordinator, PCAP Coordinator, SMEs (Subject Matter Expert), EFA (Enterprise Framework Agreement) Suppliers Coordinators/Project Managers, Suppliers/Contractors engineering and quality.


Skills & Requirements

The qualifications for this position are a combination of the necessary skills, project execution experience, a network of diverse stakeholder relationships, and general understanding of Deepwater and Upstream business objectives.

  • Strong management and leadership skills.
  • Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree (preferred).
  • 15+ years’ experience associated with quality, project delivery, or discipline engineering (preferably in the Oil & Gas industry)
  • 10+ years’ experience with quality management systems, activities, and deliverables for EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) projects.
  • Lead auditor certification from an internationally recognized body and experience conducting internal and external quality management systems, ISO and compliance audits.
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard expertise.
  • Understanding of Six Sigma process.
  • Proficient in interpreting contract scope of work and ability to provide contract quality language for ITT and contract and address clarifications.
  • Ability to provide input to contractor’s quality audit schedule/plan based on risks.
  • Ability to execute verification activities against requirements within internal or externally with EPC or Supplier.
  • Experience with management of contractors and vendors throughout procurement, fabrication of equipment, construction, installation, and commissioning.
  • Ability to interface and effectively communicate amongst internal and external stakeholders at all levels of the organization
  • Experience with project completions and documentation for Statement of Fitness and P2A operations handover.
  • Proficient in reviewing third-party inspection reports and non-conformances.
  • Experience with the overall DCAF process (PCAP)/requirements of various ORS within projects.
  • Expertise in capturing, vetting, and implementing lessons learned.
  • Ability to identify gaps and mitigate risks within Contractors/Supplier’s quality documents.


Additional Information

  • Houston, TX 77079
  • Start immediately
  • 2 – 3 year assignment
  • Contractor (1099) position
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