Auditing & Consulting Services

PPI provides auditing and consulting services to help our customers and their suppliers enhance their Quality Management Systems and ensure effective implementation.

A quality management system (QMS) is a systematic approach to managing the quality of organization products and services. Regular auditing of the QMS is critical to continual improvement.

Auditing Services

All PPI Quality and Engineering Services auditors are certified and have at least five years of experience in their fields. PPI Quality and Engineering Services performs audits that confirm implementation of organization QMS and industry standards such as ISO 9001, API Q1, and Q2.

The audit includes key focal points on safety; QMS maturity; technical capability; best practices and continual improvement; and competency and training. It also includes interviews with staff to assess their knowledge of the organization’s QMS and other quality standards applicable to their work.

The audit report identifies strengths, nonconformities, gaps, and opportunities for improvement. The report can help highlight success stories and focus the organization on improving key points of the QMS.

In addition to auditing your organization, we can also audit the performance of your suppliers or vendors. These can either be recurring audits, or audits scheduled when something changes. For example, when moving manufacturing of a particular component from one plant to another, an audit can provide assurance that the new plant can manufacture the component(s) to specifications.

Consulting Services

Organizations that regularly examine their QMS’s are less likely to incur business failures such as lost commercial opportunities and government fines.

On request, our experienced QA professionals can assess your quality requirements. These services identify areas for improvement to your QMS, which could be through documentation changes, process improvements, or other adjustments.

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