At PPI Quality & Engineering, we know our people are our greatest asset.

There are jobs – and then there are careers.  The chance to do the kind of work that adds up to something meaningful.  The opportunity to challenge yourself and learn new skills.  The opportunity to be surrounded by smart, ambitious, motivated people day-in and day-out.

We are committed to creating the kind of culture where you feel like you belong.

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We believe diversity in our people is a strength, not an obligation, and every team member should experience an inclusive work environment.


We know various perspectives, cultures, and ideas fuel better solutions for customers, investors, and communities. That’s why we encourage cross location and team collaboration.


As part of our commitment to operational excellence, we place an emphasis on continual improvement, which includes investing in our people and their training.

Career Advancement

The tenure of many PPI team members is 10+ years. We believe in promoting from within and rewarding long, successful careers.

Global Opportunities

Our global footprint creates unique work opportunities to see amazing places and connect with local team members around the world.

Comprehensive Benefits

We offer competitive compensation packages and comprehensive benefits to employees, including health insurance and retirement benefits.

Committed to Providing the Best Work Environment Possible

At PPI, we strive to ensure every team member feels valued and supported. We do so by fostering a culture of trust and open communication and by creating opportunities for mentorship and knowledge-sharing. We are fortunate to work with some of the most talented and experienced professionals in the industry.

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