Third Party Inspections

Validate Assets Before Commissioning

Third-party inspections are a vital part of ensuring that assets meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and regulatory compliance. PPI Quality & Engineering’s experienced third-party QA/QC inspection team provides unbiased assessments on behalf of our customers that ensure equipment and assemblies meet both industry standards and government regulations. This serves to minimize our customers’ risk, identifying any defects early enough in the process to ensure assets are manufactured to specification before they are commissioned for use.

Third Party Inspection Services

  • Surveillance & Monitoring Services:
    • Testing
    • Welding
    • NDT
    • Technical & Material
    • Assembly
    • Installation
  • Conformity Assessments
  • Documentation Review
  • Inspection Process Verification
  • Equipment, System and Structure Inspections

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Ensuring Your Manufacturing and Inspection Objectives are Met

PPI’s QC personnel act as your advocates during the QA/QC lifecycle and provide timely communications to customers and vendors. Our skilled and highly experienced quality control specialists ensure customer objectives are met during energy commodity manufacturing and inspection, reviewing documentation and processes against applicable design criteria, regulatory mandates, and industry standards.


PPI QC personnel represent customers at vendor facilities, rig sites both onshore and offshore, customer facilities, and other locations worldwide, observing activities from purchase order execution through delivery.


Verifying manufacturing, inspection processes, maintenance, repair, testing, and other acceptance criteria helps our customers reduce or eliminate costly non-productive time on location. We also verify that purchased or rental equipment meets specified requirements before equipment is mobilized to the wellsite or project site.


Detailed inspection reports provide a documentation trail supporting process improvements, supplier assessments, audits, failure analysis, and program compliance. These documents may be provided as stand-alone reports or may be accessed via PPI’s proprietary QA Reporter software.

Access to our global workforce enables us to represent customers at their own facilities, at both onshore and offshore project sites, and at vendor or supplier facilities, worldwide. We hand select each of our Quality Control Specialists to perform activities on our customer’s behalf based on the subject and scope of the work, as well as needed certifications and qualifications.

Improve Company Safety, Efficiency, Productivity and Reputation

Companies in the energy sector are deeply committed to maintaining top quality safety and environmental standards across all aspects of their businesses. Regulations are numerous and change constantly, creating a considerable inspection burden for industry companies to manage. Our team is trained in the latest standards and regulations to ensure our customers, as well as their suppliers and vendors, are achieving the correct safety benchmarks. Our inspectors serve as third-party specialists with the knowledge to:

  • Identify potential maintenance issues and safety problems that help companies keep their equipment running smoothly, reducing downtime and increasing productivity
  • Keep up with the latest developments in inspection technology, without having to use valuable in-house resources
  • Provide a factual and objective opinion related to any findings, assuring customers are receiving expert and impartial advice on their products, services and systems

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