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PPI Services

Concentrating on the renewable energy and oil and gas sectors, PPI saves its customers millions by providing economic solutions for complicated projects.

PPI provides exceptional service, adapts to customer requirements, and uses advanced technology to provide cost-effective solutions. PPI focuses on efficiency and cost savings—while preserving its excellent safety record. We streamline expenses, reduce cost of operations, and maximize profitability without sacrificing quality.

Quality & Consulting Services

Our third-party surveillance services prevent costly downtime and delays by ensuring equipment meets specifications before it arrives on site. We also provide complete quality plans and auditing; inventory management; quality assurance key performance indicator data; and vendor performance analysis that drives key business decision-making.

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Engineering & Technical Services

PPI provides specialized engineering, technical services, and staffing to our energy-sector customers and supports them in designing and operating assets that are safe, reliable and compliant. We focus on managing risk with Test, Inspection, and Certification services.

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Technology Development

QA Reporter award-winning software-as-a-service suite of applications complements all of our services, providing key performance indicators for business decision making and seamless workflows to enable quality assurance and inventory management.

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