Engineering and Technical Services

Engineering and Technical Support to Ensure Safe, Reliable and Compliant Energy Operations

Serving as an extension of our customers’ teams, PPI Quality & Engineering’s highly experienced and technically skilled team of subject matter experts and engineers assist in designing, verifying and operating assets on behalf of our energy sector customers to reach their operational goals. PPI’s integrated engineering and operational support throughout an asset’s life cycle enables organizations to realize positive impacts on compliance, safety, quality, and the bottom line.

  • Independent Verification of Well Designs
  • Verification of Equipment and Materials
  • Well System Design Engineering
  • Production Assurance and Reliability
  • Pre-FEED and FEED Engineering
  • Safety Case Generation
  • Risk-Based Analysis
  • Engineering Advisory Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Operations Management and On-Site Support

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Solutions that Enable Organizations to Innovate and Improve

The in-the-field experience of our cross-functional team of professional engineers and subject matter experts enables us to understand some of the greatest challenges our energy sector customers face daily. These challenges push us to make continuous advancements in our full line of offerings to provide the best possible outcomes. We excel at adapting our solutions to fit within each organization’s unique culture and specific needs. Our goal is to fully integrate with our customer’s team, serve as an advocate between all parties and build trust based on the assurance of technically sound engineered solutions.

Acting on behalf of our customers, our approach ensures projects achieve peak performance – whether it is a new installation or an aging infrastructure. We provide complete solutions: project management, design engineering, risk management, technical documentation, and asset integrity management solutions.

Our engineering staff is well versed in current industry regulations and provides the required government Professional Engineering certification reports.

Technical Review and Design

PPI conducts thorough technical reviews on behalf of our customers and designs systems to maximize efficiencies and results.

Staffing Assistance

PPI manages project coordination including personnel recruitment, team formation and mobilization.

Procurement and Logistics

Customers can depend on our team to manage all project procurement and logistics requirements.

In-House Operations Support

Serving as part of our customer’s team, we provide operations and technical support throughout the life of a project.

Our team of experienced engineers, technical specialists, and subject matter experts create quality solutions that are both reliable and cost-effective.

Multi-Discipline Experts to Support All In-House Engineering and Operational Support Needs

Our experienced staff of multi-discipline engineers are accustomed to operating within and moving between various disciplines to respond to operators’ needs and requests. We do so while in constant communication with project managers and operational support teams.

Drawing on years of experience immersed in the energy industry, PPI’s team of experts help you focus on your core competencies while facilitating engineering and operational support needs in an efficient and effective manner. We offer tailored solutions with a skilled and dedicated team using best-in-class technology.

  • Evaluate critical facility requirements
  • Define, integrate, and automate operations processes
  • Design systems and processes
  • Manage drilling, completion, workover, and plug-and-abandonment operations
  • Seasoned personnel for operators worldwide—matched to project needs with ability to scale
  • Operate production platforms and subsea tiebacks
  • Provide in-house drilling, completion, and rig site engineer support
  • Assess the functionality of assets
  • Procure supplies, parts, and equipment
  • Provide reviews of risk management efforts and asset integrity management programs
  • Manage supply, part, and equipment logistics

Single Source for Complete Engineering and Operational Management Solutions

Safety and Quality Driven

Cost and Schedule Conscious

Customer Goal Driven

Technologically Adept

Multi-Disciplinary Subject Matter Experts

Certified Engineers and Inspectors

Experienced Project Managers

Comprehensive Services

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