Startup & Operations Support

Operations Management Support

PPI Quality & Engineering provides complete lifecycle engineering and operations support, acting as an extension of our customers’ teams. Our people manage projects, supply engineering staff, interface with vendors, and provide operations personnel for energy companies worldwide. We develop operation plans and costs for proposed customer projects based on an extensive knowledge of current industry costs and conditions.

Startup and Operations Support Services

  • In-House Drilling/Completion Engineer Support
  • Drilling/Completion Program Development
  • Rigsite Engineering Support
  • Rig Operations Supervision
  • Production Assurance
  • Well Design Review and Certification
  • Logistics and Procurement
  • Regulatory Submission Support

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Startup and Operations Support - PPI

Careful Planning and Methodical Execution Support for Effective Operations

PPI’s experienced engineering staff are seconded in our customers’ organizations and design, commission, startup and execute projects on their behalf. We believe that a successful collaboration requires commitment, ownership, and the right people. We treat our customer operations as if they were our own. We find innovative ways to save time, improve safety, and ensure operational excellence.

Project Management

PPI serves as a driving force for our customers, organizing the planning and execution of a project including scheduling tasks, risk and progress management, and liaising with stakeholders, including monitoring finances and controlling budgets.

Personnel Management

PPI supplies customers with engineering staff, provides operations personnel and oversees the contract coordination and scheduling of supplemental team members for customer projects as needed.

Production Management

From start to finish of an asset’s life cycle, PPI helps customers manage day-to-day operational productivity as well as the effectiveness of systems, equipment and staff.

Minimizing Customer Stress by Optimizing Resources

PPI is a valued resource for our customers when it comes to planning, managing, and optimizing complex energy projects. We are experienced in working with the needs of owners, operators, and third parties, serving as a key focal point, gathering information on operator specifications, third party equipment and facility layouts to ensure operations proceed according to regulations and standards. This expertise enables us to provide the best solution for each specific project.

Our team of personnel has years of industry-specific technical, estimating, planning, scheduling, cost control, and contract administration expertise to effectively staff our customers’ project teams. We are committed to delivering prompt and cost-effective solutions to our customers. Our experience helps achieve optimum cost-effective results based on a foundation of safety and quality.

  • Successfully assisted in the design, execution, and startup of new wells in the United States and 48 countries worldwide.
  • Staffed and managed company and contract personnel on projects in the United States consisting of 40 offshore blocks and land wells in over 20 states with additional projects worldwide both land and offshore.

We can combine our operations support with our inventory and asset management services to maximize advanced long-term planning, drilling schedule forecasts, and maintenance workflows. This includes capital asset support, ensuring equipment is identified, preserved and remains certified for use as needed.

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