QA Reporter Software

Cloud-Based Software That Provides Actionable Business Quality Intelligence

Data is only useful if it provides the right information to make quick and effective business decisions. PPI Quality & Engineering’s secure QA Reporter (QAR) software-as-a-service (SaaS) suite of applications complements our services. It houses all quality assurance and inventory management data in one place for improved overall quality outcomes through enhanced operational insight. The system allows outside vendors to securely participate in project execution, non-conformance reviews, and failure investigations. Customers can see all their quality data in one place.

  • Key Performance Indicator Reporting
  • QA/QC Inspection Tracking
  • Inventory and Asset Management
  • Vendor Performance Tracking
  • Data Auditing
  • Non-Conformance Reporting
  • Failure Investigation Reporting

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PPI QA Reporting Software

Quality Assurance Data Mining Made Easy

Gone are the days of transferring handwritten notes in the field to spreadsheets back in the office, digging through copious amounts of data, and analyzing multiple pivot tables. Our QAR quality module runs from a central cloud-based database application that enables our customers to record, review, audit, and retrieve current and historical data. It tracks your QA efforts —and the results.

Inspectors and other QA/QC personnel use our QAR system to record quality data. Any authorized personnel can enter data, including external personnel and surveillance agencies. The guided input format provides consistent, comparable data that lends itself to automated reporting and analysis. Collected information also facilitates vendor performance analysis and other auditing processes.

User-Defined Dashboard

The dashboard presents customer-defined key performance indicators to enable at-a-glance benchmark comprehension.

Guided Input

QAR software can be used by multiple partners and agencies to report results; guided input ensures consistent quality data.

Trend Reports and Analysis

Customers can receive regularly delivered KPI reports or retrieve reports and statistical analysis on demand.

Automated Alerts

Customers can choose to receive automatic alerts for flagged system thresholds or set KPIs.

Searchable Data

QAR data is searchable by vendor, manufacturer, type, date range and other data fields.

Interactive Graphing

KPIs such as supplier rejection rate, failures by well, and components by rejection rate can be graphed instantly.

Our team of experienced in-house software developers provide the highest level of customer support, enable customized solutions, and continue to regularly advance QAR software capabilities.

Always Know the State and Status of Your Inventory and Assets

To achieve operational excellence, it is essential for customers to know what assets they have, where they are, and whether the equipment is ready for use. This information is the foundation for compliance and actionable asset integrity management.

The QAR software utilizes bar codes and RFID tagging provided by the PPI team to track and manage product/part inventory and equipment. The QAR software is used to:

  • Monitor inventory
  • Send notifications when re-inspection, equipment rotation, or preventative maintenance is due 
  • Track equipment as it is stored, moved, or utilized
  • Propose equipment obsolescence and replacement dates
  • Manage equipment at multiple vendor locations
  • Continually communicate with suppliers and reconciles records
  • Support auditing process
  • Send reminders to schedule cycle count and inventory reconciliation

Secure All-in-One Quality Assurance Software

Easy-to-use Web Interface

Rigorously Protected Data

Secure, Role-Based Access

Latest Version Accessible to All Customers

Ease of Integration With Existing Apps Through the QAR API

Customizable System

User-Friendly Setup and Integration

Robust Features: MOC, NCR, IR Tracking

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