Global HSSE Policy

Global HSSE Policy

PPI Quality & Engineering, LLC’s vision is to become the preferred global solution provider for quality, engineering, and operational excellence through our people, expertise, and technology. We recognize that achieving excellence in managing our health, safety, security and environmental (HSSE) responsibilities is essential to being a world leader in the provision of professional services to improve the physical and social environment.

Our Zero Harm Goal

Our goal is to always conduct our business in a way that protects our people, customers, visitors and members of the public from harm by:

  • Providing strong and effective leadership in HSSE management
  • Building from a foundation of compliance with applicable HSSE laws, regulations, standards, and requirements
  • Setting and achieving objectives and targets that promote continual improvement in HSSE performance
  • Identifying our hazardous activities to remove the risk of harm where possible, and establishing robust arrangements for minimizing the HSSE risks that remain
  • Monitoring our HSSE performance and learning from experience
  • Communicating and engaging with our workforce, customers, and business partners to enable everyone to fulfil their HSSE responsibilities and participate effectively in protecting themselves, others, and the environment from harm
  • Committing to the protection of the environment through the continuous improvement of our processes, products, and services, including the prevention of pollution

Our HSSE Approach

Our approach to managing health, safety and environment is detailed in PPI’s Health, Safety, Security and Environment management system. We continually review our approach, business systems, and processes to improve our performance.

Our Commitment to Implementation

PPI operates in many different markets and countries. Our Policy does not vary but detailed implementation takes into account the specific operating environments of our customer’s location and business.

PPI requires committed and visible leadership from all managers, strong teamwork and consultation in our work groups, and the active participation of everyone to implement and reinforce this Policy in our work locations and in the field.

To make HSSE part of every job, every day, all PPI employees, suppliers, and subcontractors are required to:

  • Take personal responsibility for HSSE in all daily activities
  • Stop and seek guidance if they believe what they are doing could cause harm
  • Understand and follow all relevant HSSE requirements
  • Support colleagues, work collaboratively, and share information to prevent harm
  • Report incidents and concerns.

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