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Our website address is: https://www.ppiquality.com.

PPI Quality and Engineering Services, LLC, a portfolio company of Cardno Ltd., has developed this privacy policy to explain how we collect, use, and protect personal data as it relates to the QA Reporter software website, and your rights related to your personal data.

By accessing this website, you are consenting to the way information is collected and used, as described within this policy. In return, the QA Reporter website will use the information only in ways that are compatible with this policy.

“Personal data” means information that identifies a person, such as name, location, qualifications, and work experience.

“Processing” means operations performed on personal data, including, but not limited to: collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, dissemination, erasure, or destruction.

Personal Data and How We Use It

Generally. QA Reporter collects personally identifiable information to provide contractual services to its clients and for job placement purposes. It also uses cookies and web analytics services to improve the QA Reporter website experience.

Sharing Personal Data

Within PPI Quality and Engineering Services

PPI Quality and Engineering Services, LLC is part of an international group of companies operating globally, we may communicate personal data to our other group companies, who may use or process your personal data for the limited purposes described herein.

To Clients

We will disclose personal data of Jobseekers, Employees, and Contractors to our clients as necessary and appropriate for job placement services and, when those purposes include work for the Client, as part of business records.

To Other Organizations

We may also share personal data to:

  • comply with applicable laws
  • establish, exercise, or defend our legal rights
  • transfer our businesses to a buyer or a successor-in-interest, who will be allowed to use your data for the same purposes

Data of Client Users

QA Reporter application is used to create and store reports related to quality assurance and quality control for our clients. To receive these services, PPI Quality and Engineering Services clients specify the names and contact information for persons who may access their reports and other data (“Client Users”). These persons are granted a license to access the client’s data in the QA Reporter application. They may also receive PPI Quality and Engineering Services email communications related to the client’s data, and PPI Quality and Engineering Services personnel may also communicate with the Client Users by email or telephone.

Data of Jobseekers, Employees, and Contractors

QA Reporter application is also used to collect and store information about persons who wish to provide services to PPI Quality and Engineering Services. Jobseekers, Employees, and Contractors may provide their information to PPI Quality and Engineering Services. The company stores this information securely in QA Reporter application and uses it to determine eligibility and suitability of a candidate to provide services for its clients. When PPI Quality and Engineering Services determines a person is eligible to provide a service to its clients, it may release information about that person’s qualifications to clients for the sole purpose of job placement evaluation. When these persons actually perform work for the client, business records may contain personally identifiable information.

Business Records

Contract workers and PPI Quality and Engineering Services employees may log into the QA Reporter application to file reports related to quality assurance and quality control for our clients. These reports are business records of PPI Quality and Engineering Services and will incorporate the identity of persons who file them.

Behavior of Users

We may use Mouseflow web analytics service to help us improve the design and usability of QA Reporter application by analyzing quantitative and behavioral data on how visitors use the QA Reporter websites. By using Mouseflow, we may collect information about client system, such as: browser type, system language, OS version, time zone and screen resolution metrics, as well as web pages that client visits within QA Reporter application in a specific website and the URLs of the web pages that referred client to that website. The Mouseflow service may record mouse clicks, mouse movements, scrolling activity as well as any text PPI Quality and Engineering Services type in this website, except text in password fields. Mouseflow does not collect personally identifiable information that you do not voluntarily enter in this website. Mouseflow does not track PPI Quality and Engineering Services users’ browsing habits across other web sites or text input in password fields. For more information see Mouseflow’s Privacy Policy at http://mouseflow.com/privacy/ . If you don’t want Mouseflow to record anything from your browser, you can disable Mouseflow here: https://mouseflow.com/opt-out/.

Storage and Security of Your Personal Data

The QA Reporter website complies with standard procedures and best practices to ensure that personal information is kept secure and protected.

We never make your personal details available to third parties for marketing purposes.

Citizens of the EU and the UK should be aware that information we collect from you may be transferred to and stored in locations outside the EU and the UK. We will take appropriate steps to ensure the continued security of your data.


QA Reporter uses temporary data files called “cookies” to improve your online experience. These are used to track session state and IP address while you are logged onto QA Reporter. We use the information gathered to help us monitor traffic on our website, or (in case of criminal activity or misuse of our information) to cooperate with law enforcement.

Your Rights

You have the following rights relating to your personal data:

  • The right to know what data we have about you and to request a copy
  • The right to submit amendments to the information we have
  • The right to request us to remove or limit processing of your personal data from our systems (but we may maintain information necessary for our business records)
  • The right to receive data in commonly usable machine formats and to transmit your data to another processor, or to ask us to transmit your data in that format directly to another processor
  • The right to complain to regulatory authorities about the processing of your data.

To request any of these services from us, please email privacy@qareporter.com

How to Contact Us

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