Technology Development

Our QA Reporter application provides quality and operational solutions for our clients worldwide.

The software tracks quality assurance data for better business decisions; monitors equipment and spare part inventory and facilitates preventive maintenance; facilitates failure and incident investigations; and manages technical and organizational change.

An important feature is the ability to accept input from business partners, agencies, and other external resources. Just as important, the application enables automatic notifications, supports data auditing processes, and provides key performance indicators in automatic reports and a user-defined dashboard.

Trending Quality Reports and Business Analytics

Companies may use our cutting-edge software to monitor quality results. The QA Reporter quality module runs from a central database that lets you review, audit, and retrieve current and historical data. It generates trending reports and operational data to help you make business decisions. The users are presented with a dashboard of key performance indicators to enable at-a-glance comprehension.

Traditionally, third-party inspection reports are presented in individual documents. Each agency presents surveillance report data differently, and there is no way to easily view quality trends. By comparison, QA Reporter enforces consistent data reporting from all agencies. Clients can retrieve single reports or view trends and key performance indicators for all reports on demand.

The QA Reporter application is a single system that will improve your overall quality outcomes through increased data visibility and enable you to make more informed decisions about where to spend quality dollars.

Through our cloud-based QA Reporter application, we also offer vendor performance analysis and other key performance indicator tracking.

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